About Us

Fire & EMS Services

The Wolfforth Fire Department was established in 1954, and provides fire and rescue services to the City of Wolfforth and an 88 square mile area in Southwest Lubbock County, Texas. The Fire Department is manned by a dedicated team of volunteers, always at the ready. The department has a full compliment of emergency vehicles and fire engines, and also offers outreach and education services to the communities it serves.

The Wolfforth Volunteer Emergency Medical Service was established in 1977. In 2004 it was incorporated with the Wolfforth Volunteer Fire Department but remained an all-volunteer service. Due to the growth in the area and the demand on the ambulance service, it became a paid, full-time service  on October 1, 2006.


Since then, the service has been comprised of members spanning all levels of certification. It operates under the South Plains Emergency Medical Services (SPEMS) system and our front-line ambulance and medical supplies are supplied by University Medical Center. We also operate a second, backup ambulance for stand-bys and for non-emergency medical transfers.

Wolfforth EMS provides Emergency Medical Services to the City of Wolfforth along with 88 square miles of Southwest Lubbock County and the Southwest part of the City of Lubbock. Wolfforth EMS averages over 60 emergency calls a month.


Professional Fire & EMS Training

We provide professional training for firefighters, EMTs and Haz-Mat certification. Our academy has a strong focus on professional development, empowerment and mentoring.

Interested applicants can apply online, and new sessions begin at several points during the year.